The Filipino-American War, a war most (including most Filipinos) know almost nothing about, was the testing ground for all future US invasions.  This 30 min doc by Richard Concepcion is a great primer.

Most of the US-based professors featured in “Politics of US Occupation” traced a historical similarity in the United States government’s savage wars of annihilation of America’s native Indian population to its “first major foray” in colonialism in the Pacific.

“It was extremely racist, in fact. The fighters themselves were vicious racists who came from the Indian wars,” said Noam Chomsky, referring to the US military who came to the Philippines after slaughtering hundreds of thousands of native American Indians. Chomsky, a Linguistics Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has taught now for 55 years.

Gen. Arthur MacArthur, for example, was a veteran himself of Indian wars. He ruled the Philippines as military governor general from 1900 to1901. Gen J. Franklin Bell, another Indian wars veteran, caused 11,000 deaths in Batangas from 1901 to 1902. Gen Jacob Smith, also another veteran of Indian wars, ordered civilian killings in Samar from 1901 to 1902. Gen Leonard Wood, again another veteran of Indian wars, massacred 600 to 3,000 Moros at Bud Dajo in 1906, while Gen. John Pershing massacred 400 to 2,000 Moros in Bud Bagsak in 1913.

The statement that most American soldiers said about a good Filipino being a dead Filipino is “actually carried over to the Mindanao war, called the Moro war, after 1902,” said Asian American Studies Professor Nerissa Balce of Stony Brook University (New York).

If not for love then, as the US government would have us believe, what are their savage invasions for? Balce affirmed that it was all about “the desire for colonies.” She said the US effort to “misrecognize the historical facts of that war” is only part of its trying to “restrict impulse to remember”.

The colonization was part of a move to take further part into China’s market, which had been an ideal since the 18th century, said Chomsky. He added that the US wanted to use the Philippines “as base for further entry into China.”

The explanation of Sergeant Howard McFarland of Company B, 43rd Infantry, in a letter in the 1900s, said that “At best, this is a very rich country; and we want it. My way of getting it would be to put a regiment into a skirmish line, and blow every nigger into a nigger heaven.” They shot and bayoneted 75 Filipinos in just one morning.  [Italicized text from]

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